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Bella Restaurant & Lounge

Who is Bella?

Her red-soled stilettos strut on the pavement along shimmering Canal waters.  The sunset blushes at the sight of her beauty, whilst the last rays of light mirror themselves in the blueish windows of tall skyscrapers.

She knows exactly what she wants in life.  She knows where she’s going tonight.  She calls the shots.  No one else.

She is Bella on a night out at Bella.  After all, why call her restaurant by any other name than her own?  She has ego and refuses to tame it.

The doorman at the Millennium Grand Hotel greets her with respect, shies away in the face of her assertiveness and steps aside as her slender silhouette heads towards the dark elevators. “To the top, please,” she prompts in a poised tone of voice that gives away her sultry Italian origins.

She enters into the loft-like space as if it were a catwalk: head-high, her brown mane falling on her shoulders with effortless perfection.  Heads turn.  The chit-chat at the bar hushes as she takes a seat.  Immediately, her favourite cocktail is poured.  She doesn’t even acknowledge the bar tender’s craftsmanship nor the expertise it took to create the superbly balanced drink.  Tonight, she wants to sit alone, reflect and watch the crowd that is slowly gathering in her lounge at sunset hour. 

Bella is a snob, but not enough to be loathed.  She was born to a family of high-ranking aristocrats from Milan and carries herself with an uncanny combination of grace and strength.  She has the flair of nobility, the attitude of highly educated ladies, a delightful air of superiority spiced up by her rebellious nature.  She could never play by the rules and she never will.

Bella loves fashion, but she wears the dress, the dress never wears her.  Bella loves art but can’t be bothered to brag about it.  Bella loves a refined Italian dinner but would never let a craving interrupt a passionate conversation.  She loves a long drink and enjoys the pleasure of letting go, so long as she can always control the situation.  Bella likes her men like she likes her coffee: after breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Bella is independent.  She travels the world and keeps a “pied-à-terre” in the most vibrant capitals of the world, from Milan to London, New York, Singapore.  But Dubai is by far her most cherished metropolis.  It is hard to get a glimpse of her.  Her mystery precedes her.  Her fragrance lingers on in the air.  Her voluptuous lips leave their scarlet print on the crystal of her champagne glass.  She prefers to see than to be seen.  She watches the party, amuses herself with her guests’ excesses and follies.

Bella represents the true glamour of power: the freedom to be exactly who you are.  Bella never apologizes for being who she is and her persona translates into every aspect of the restaurant and lounge she created: a casual yet elegant setting, an award-winning Italian cuisine supported by timeless service and care, intense wine and cocktail references and an open-mindedness to the world that is Dubai.

Bella purposefully designed the venue according to her ever-changing moods: the lounge for chilled after-works in the company of friends, the bar when feeling flirtatious, the VIP communal table for a splurge, the dining room for infatuated meals with the fling of the moment, while gazing at the soaring Burj Khalifa.   Her moods change, like her guests, but always she wants to gaze at the stars above, when the glass ceiling opens up completely to the Dubai night…  Yes, all roads lead to Bella, where the sky is the limit (literally).